Chiapas is one of the most important states in our country due to its biological and cultural diversity. It’s recognized for the natural areas it harbours, one of them nested within the embrace of dense and constant fog: the Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo.

With 119,000 hectares, the reserve protects one of the last major remnants of cloud forest, considered the world’s most endangered ecosystem. It is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, and it’s considered the regions largest fresh water receptacle.

In order to ensure the long-term conservation of El Triunfo, the El Triunfo Conservation Fund (FONCET, from its designation in Spanish) was established in 2002. This is a private equity fund that generates a portion of the required revenue, to ensure that the Reserve’s contemplated programs and projects have the basic operating expenses covered, and that the reserve’s activities can proceed without financial limitations.

The civil society, the state and federal governments, local entrepreneurs, researchers and scholastics have come together in this effort.



“The FONCET’s purpose is to converse natural resources and promote the social development of the ETBR and its region of influence, with the help of ongoing financial support in the long term”.


Conservation Fund El Triunfo, was set up to ensure conservation of El Triunfo in the long term. The Objective is for the new found to raise enough money to guarantee basic operating expenses for all Reserve’s proposed projects, so they can be carried out without limitations.


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