Chiapas, one of the most important states for its biological and cultural diversity; is also recognized for the great natural reserves that it protects, one of them is hidden in the hights, covered by an almost permanent  fog

El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve


El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve (ETBR) in the Sierra Madre in Chiapas protects one of the last great remaining cloud forests. This ecosystem is awesome. il is humid, cold and silent. This is the domain of organisms whose origins date back to remote geological past.

The home of lofty arborescent ferns, elms towering to 70 m, multicolored salamanders and frogs, butterflies that are living fossils, and the las remaining populations of the peacock and the quetzal. As almost 60% of these types of forests in Mexico are estimated to have disappeared, they are considered to be the most endangered ecosystem.

El Triunfo forest is reported to have a greater diversity of tree species than most forest in North and Central America, and to be one of the largest in Mexico. it contains 47% of the animal species registered for Chiapas (24% of the species in the country). The Sierra Madre in Chiapas, Where the ETBR is located, is a key region for migratory birds and a priority international conservation site.

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In order to ensure the conservation of the El Triunfo Reserve in the long term, the El Triunfo AC Conservation Fund (FONCET) was created in 2002, a private equity fund that has been generating part of the income required to ensure that all programs and Projects that the reserve contemplates, have the basic expenses of operation and that the activities of the reserve are carried out without financial limitations.

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